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    Product Category

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    1、Research and Development

    “Shenzhen Lip Hing Yeung’s Window and Door Accessories Ltd.” design, product and sale plastic doors and windows dedicated hardware accessories, the product is suitable for in most window and door profile series, such as ping opened under the hanging doors and windows, within the European flat open window, European style casement, standard flat open window, top hung window, on top of the wall hung window, under suspension window...


    The company has established an efficient interconnection network system, local area network system, marketing service system and K3 information management system, so as to greatly improve the company's efficient, standardized, professional enterprise management level. ...

    3、Professional Treatment

    Pre process--- Cast into the plastic workpiece using automatic hanging type sprinkler system, and through a strict degreasing, water washing, passivation, drying and other professional pretreatment process to produce the doors and windows accessories finished corrosion resistance increase 6-8 times.
    Professional spray--- After pre-processing of the workpiece using advanced Switzerland (ITW) Jin Maquan automatic powder....

    4、Sincere Service

    Pre-sale--- Professional pre sales team, according to the different needs of customers, the configuration of products to meet the requirements.
    Sale--- Follow up and strengthen communication with customers to achieve a win-win result.
    After-sales --- Real time tracking of the use of the product, the customer reflects the problem, sent a professional after-sales technical personnel to deal with, in order to achieve sales have ended, the service does not stop"

    Liphing Yeungs Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. And Qingdao liphing Yeungs doors and windows accessories limited company is Hongkong liphing Yeungs group was responsible for the company, Liphing series products production and marketing in the China. The company specializes in the design, production and sales of Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, steel doors and windows, doors and windows, glass curtain wall bridge insulation material on the hardware accessories, such as flat open doors and windows, top hung window, casement hanging under the window handle, window hinge, special point lock... Wait。 Group inves.....

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